West Yorkshire Ju-Jitsu Academy is based in Halifax, where it has remained since its introduction in 1982, which at that time was under the instruction of Sensei Robert Ashworth.



The organisation at that time in 1982 was with British Ju-Jitsu Association & World Ju-Jitsu Federation.  


Soke James Blundell was believed to be The Founder of the original British Ju Jitsu Association.


Following several changes,  Halifax  Ju-Jitsu  became a member  of  the United Kingdom

Ju-Jitsu Association, this was and still is run by Hanshi Allan Tattersall, who  has  over 50 years in Martial Arts knowlage.


After further development Sensei Robert Ashworth started his own ryu (school), which  was called R A Defence, there was the remaining club in Halifax, also sensei Ashworth set up clubs in Bradford, Skipton,  Barnoldswick, Burnley and Todmorden,


These clubs ran under the instruction of Sensei Ashworth, some of these clubs closed over the years leaving skipton now under the instuction of sensei criag Barson & Sensei Mel Steward & Barnoldswick now in earby North Yorkshire under the instruction of sensei John idel, & Halifax under instruction of Sensei Neil Scratcherd, Sensei Robert Ashworth retired from Martial Arts in 2005.


                                               More to follow


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