Dojo Codes of Conduct


1.Students are expected to bow (‘Rei’) when entering a Dojo, when addressing a Black Belt, when stepping on and off tatami (mats) and in response to an Instructor’s request. Students are also expected to respond with ‘Hi’ (meaning ‘yes’ in Japanese) as a mark of respect to their Sensei.


2.Late arrivals must wait to be bowed in by the Instructor; do not enter the class without his permission


3.Students should use the proper title of Sensei (pronounced sen-say) when addressing their Instructor.        Students should never use a Black Belt’s first name within the Dojo.


4.The Sensei’s or Instructor’s command must be observed at all times.


5.Students must maintain a respectful attitude at all times and unseemly behaviour will not be tolerated.


6.Outdoor shoes are not to be worn within the Dojo.


7.Uniforms must be complete, including the appropriate colour belt.


8.Long hair must be tied back neatly and toenails must be trimmed. As shoes are not worn clean feet are essential.


9.Pupils are not to join or leave a session-in-progress without the Instructor’s knowledge and approval.


10.Instruction will only take place under the supervision of a registered coach.


11.Unnecessary conversation is not permitted; Instructors cannot teach if they cannot be heard.


12.Only the techniques shown by the Instructor are to be performed. ‘Variations’ will not be tolerated.


13.No member will abuse or misuse their knowledge of Ju-Jitsu. Any members found to be disrespecting this Code may be liable for expulsion.


14.Ju-Jitsu techniques will not be taught outside of the Dojo to any person not authorised to practice them.


15.‘Strangle’ and ‘Sleeper’ holds must only be practiced with the explicit permission and supervision of the Instructor.


16.Members must not participate in any Ju-Jitsu display without the express permission of the Association or Academy.


17.Gradings will be held under the direction of the Academy or Association Coach and under the supervision of the style leader or his delegates.


18.Members must report all injuries immediately to their Instructor. Injuries received outside of training sessions must still be reported promptly.


19.Deliberate violation of these Codes of Conduct renders a member liable for expulsion from the Association or Academy.


20.The Association or Academy will terminate the membership of any person they believe to be unsuitable for Martial Arts training, for whatever reason, and the decision to expel a pupil is at the discretion of the Sensei.


First and foremost, students are expected to arrive with ample time for changing and a light warm-up before the start of class.

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